Art2M (Art To Machine) is an innovative company and think & do tank that explores and supports creative communities at the intersection of art, design, media, education, ecology, science and technology. ART2M produces media, web platforms, knowledge bases, artworks and events (workshops, residencies, conferences, exhibitions, festivals) and orients its activities around different lines of research-action, the ART2M labs: media lab (Makery, MCD), make lab (with FabCity.Paris,, care lab (,, planet lab (with, Aerocene France), feral lab (with, eco lab (with, ART2M contributes at the national and international level to the construction of interdisciplinary networks of key actors around changing societal issues. Art2M is directed by Anne-Cécile Worms.

Makery is the medialab of ART2M and an online information media (newsletter, website, social networks). It aims to cover the dynamism and give out information on the creative communities and the scene of labs, fablabs (fabrication laboratories), makerspaces (for community tinkering), hackerspaces (spaces self-managed by people wanting to divert technologies), medialabs (dedicated to new media experimentation), living labs (also known as third places, they encompass users-industries co-design in processes of innovation and experimentation), biohacklabs (the scientific, DIYbio and bioinformatics version of hacklabs), foodlabs (for community catering and exploring the future of food), artlabs (dedicated to artistic production).

MCD / is the essential French-speaking platform for the analysis and news of digital culture and digital art; as well as a source of open archives. The paper journal is now reserved for special issues and special issues. At the same time, MCD multiplies initiatives, workshops, meetings and events in partnership.

Rewilding Cultures is a Creative Europe collaborative project that aims to reposition nature and the wild in artistic practices linked to science and technology. The project was initiated and is coordinated by Projekt Atol Institute (SI) in partnership with Schmiede (AT), Cultivamos Cultura (PT), Ionian University (GR), Catch / Helsingør Kommune (DK), Udruga Radiona (HR), Bioart Society (FI) and (FR)

Roscosmoe is an art&science initiative launched in 2015 by Xavier Bailly and Ewen Chardronnet and that hosts or supports artists conducting researches in the field of marine biology & biodiversity in partnership with the Multicellular Marine Models laboratory of the Roscoff Marine Station (France).

A major thread of the initiative is the design of research protocols involving the photosymbiotic worm Symsagittifera roscoffensis as a potential biological model to apply in space research. The space mission Roscosmoe connects marine biology, space ecology, design, anthropology of science and intermedia art.

Art4Med aims to build-up interdisciplinary transnational cooperation between artists and the health sector in order to support and produce exploratory art projects that promote access to healthcare;
Open new creative fields of experimentation for artists to challenge the current status of science and healthcare;
Enable cross-fertilization and sharing of knowledge, technologies, skills and experiences among artists, researchers and open/citizen science communities, and provide conditions for fruitful creative exchanges. By collaboratively co-designing methodologies and discussing their implementation in local contexts, we can learn from each other, identify best practices and opportunities to grow our own communities with long-lasting bonds;
Produce open and transferable resources to better understand co-creative processes between art, science and technology;
Raise audience awareness of the role of artists in opening disruptive paths that significantly tackle societal and technological challenges in access to healthcare, beyond the scope of existing art-science peer communities.

Open Source Body festival is a co-production of Art2M/Makery/MCD and the Cité internationale des arts, organized as part of the ART4MED program.

The European project More-than-Planet (2022 – 2025) finds an urgency to re-examine the way people understand and picture the environment on the level of the planet as a conceptual whole, together with partners Waag (NL), Ars Electronica (AT), Northern Photographic Centre (FI), ART2M/Makery (FR), Leonardo/Olats (FR) and Zavod Projekt Atol (SI). In a collaboration with artists, critical thinkers, and various experts from cultural, environmental, and outer space institutions, the project will address this crisis of planetary imaginary.